About Us

Sinaforum is a cultural association based in Rome, with a correspondence office in Beijing, founded by a group of Sinologists with long experience in studying and working in China.

As stated in our Charter, our purpose is to promote and support the development of cultural exchanges between China and Europe by promoting initiatives in both Italian and Chinese territory:

  • Initiatives to intensify the cultural and publishing trade, to spread information, news and updates regarding areas of common interest for Italy and China
  • Initiatives to create regular exchanges of scientific and professional updating and exchanges  in the technical-scientific area between Italy and China
  • Travels and study courses for students and teachers of Italian and Chinese schools and universities
  • Initiatives concerning the artistic area, like organization of exhibitions, shows and events in collaboration with organizations, companies and cultural associations
  • Initiatives, events and exchanges concerning sports, training and specialization in sports
  • Realization of language, managerial and administrative training courses
  • Initiatives to promote exchanges in economic, financial and commercial fields, in cooperation with Public Bodies, Chambers of Commerce and Italian and Chinese Companies

Sinaforum is also official partner of the Confucius Institute of many Italian universities like University La Sapienza in Rome, University of Milan, University L’Orientale in Naples, University of Macerata and many others.

Sinaforum is specialized in the organization of study trips to both Italy and China and in collaboration with the tour operator Jilitour is able to offer quality services at competitive prices.